The degree show is on

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I am so happy to announce that LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016 has finally begun. MA Graphic Branding and Identity course is on display at the Well Gallery.
Thank you to everyone who has visited me on the private view, and if you haven’t, you are invited to visit the gallery until the end of this week!

The experience to work as a show team was tough but we worked hard and now are relieved to see the exhibition taking shape.
I was in charge of the design of the print on the display shelves. The visitors can overlook the gallery area downstairs from the corridor. Each research question is displayed large on the top to make each project easier to communicate to the visitors.

The degree showThe degree show

The wall is painted in black and white, and our manifesto of the course is displayed on the wall.

The degree show

My project is about the value of tragedy in mass news media. As shown inWorks page, I designed a black flower shop that commercialises local tragedies as a response to research insights.
There is a mention about my project in LCC blog.

Fatal Fatal
Is tragedy for sale?

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