The Encounter by Simon Mcburney

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The Encounter, directed and acted by Simon Mcburney at The Barbican Theatre.
It was the best thing in my life, that I’ve seen in a theatre.
He and his team control our vision and hearing, and control our perception of the story.

It was about STORY,
storytelling and the passion of it,
technique and technology behind it,
live performance and sharing the space,
life and death and existence,
time, and repetition.
While I was absorbed in the stage, I was repeatedly reflected on my being in the theatre as one audience.
At the end of the show was 10 seconds of complete silence in the theatre.

This was the most mesmerizing 2-hour-experience and I urge you to see the stage if you can grab a return ticket at the Barbican or tickets at the other planned tour venues.
On the 1st of March from 7 pm(GMT), there will be a live online streaming from the Barbican as well.
I am not sure how the stage will be transmitted to online, but my advice to you is to prepare your best headphone and biggest screen.

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