Golden Week

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Golden week is the short vacation period in Japan from late April into the beginning of May.
I am back in Japan.
The other day, I saw Mt. Fuji from a bullet train ride.
The mountain shape and white snow on the top was stunning in contrast to blue sky.
I couldn’t take my eyes off from the train window.
And at the same time, I couldn’t help wondering;

How it can always “stun” me even though I’ve seen it many times.
How it feels so significant and precious, while the mountain has always been there, not moving (at least for past centuries.)
It may be because I am a Japanese who was brought up in an environment that everybody else appreciate this mountain as a special one.
If a tourist visits the area for the first time and sees this mountain, with permanent white snow and extensive skirt, does he feel special towards this view as significant as we feel?


My sister’s clarinet concert finished with a warm applause.
The house was full.
I was on the edge of my seat listening her showcasing her music and clarinet technique.

I designed the flyer and the program throughout to reflect her personality and her taste.

| work: Azusa Yamamoto Clarinet Recital |


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